German women wants to get fucked properly


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By guest (1 year ago)

Incredibly young babe from Germany gets harassed .
You.;re a racist fuck.
That is of course the last thing Angela Merkel wants to hear.
"Women would also be smart not to go and embrace every. that you meet and who seems to be nice.
German mature I.;d like to fuck creampies and facial! German .
I don.;t think I want to be subjected to such imperatives any .
Whoever said you want most what you can.;t have must have moved .
We have Muslim loving liberals that want to disarm us like the Brits tried .
That.;s Doug the Head.
Many German women will be fucked in the future, that is a fact you can bet on.
Hurry up, Tommy, before zee Germans get here.
i want to know why german women never date black,asian or latino men!are german .
Ever had an old German lady scold you for walking before the lights .
Merkel should be ass-fucked with round metal files.
will remove her good and proper and leave you and your dark car in peace.
the Biblical scholars mis-translated the Hebrew word for "young woman" into the Greek .
They are not proper Christians or Jews, just empty-headed pagans, Neville Chamberlains .
Why the fuck would I want with a caravan that.;s got no fockin.; wheels?Very young and tiny blonde gets properly fucked .
Good girl with small tits wants to get laid .
We.;ll need a proper office.
Far from friendly, your everyday German will nose-wrinkle at getting to .
i love it!nobody in the world want a women that think she is a man.
wrongfully continuing it and then correctly ending it in their country.
assault by giving .;guidance.; to young German women on proper dress & behaviour .
Roses are red, violets are blue, we want to be fucked, and choked to death too.
You stupid westerners invited Islam in Europe, now properly deal .